Live in Christchurch

March was an exciting time for me full of travels. Following a trip to Wellington and a rejuvenation trip to Bali I was invited to Christchurch to partake in a big band recording session with Ali Harper at Orange Studio.
Whilst there I did a solo show with Daniel Hayles and Reuben Bradley performing compositions that are becoming a sort of “life song cycles” – each song representing a difference viewpoint on life events from the spiritual to the physical places I visit.

This song “Milano” I wrote in the Italian city in 2010 whilst I was living there. Previously I was composing frequently but this year was one of searching and somewhat of an identity crisis and as a result was the only composition I wrote on these travels. I’ve performed this song with The Dilworths, Tiny Hearts and now this group – each time trying to get closer to capturing the feeling of┬áloneliness I experienced living in a foreign city and also identity, being comfortable in your own skin.



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