Monday 15th December

A few cool gigs I’m involved in this week:
Tonight :: with Mingus Amongst Us at New Hampton
Tuesday :: Old School Funk & Groove Night at 505
Wednesday :: Gazele Live Recording at Gingers

It’s been a busy few weeks but I’ll be uploading some new videos and links to new albums I’ve played on.





TH: Alluvium Review by John Shand

Tiny Hearts
One of the wonders of collective music making is the way a composition conceived by one person in isolation is interpreted, filtered and transformed by the assembled pool of sounds, experiences, muscles, emotions, imagination, expertise and aesthetic sense. It happens in rock bands and orchestras, but the process is magnified when improvisation is extensively involved. All five members of Sydney’s Tiny Hearts have contributed pieces to this debut album, yet what hits home is not so much the diversity of compositional approaches as the cohesion of the group interplay in realising them. Aiding the cause is the distinctiveness of Eamon Dilworth’s trumpet which, unlike most jazz-oriented players, sometimes carries a blast of the raucous vibrancy associated with Balkan Gypsies or Spanish bullfight bands. Other members are saxophonist Dave Jackson, pianist Steve Barry, bassist Tom Botting and drummer Paul Derricott: all musicians whose improvisation deepens the colour of a composition rather than just decorating it. Hear them at Venue 505 on August 28. JOHN SHAND

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