Thanks for stopping by….like most people experience, time escapes me and the first thing neglected is my own website. However thanks to the christmas period I’ve had a bit more time to focus on getting a few things done like the site you see before your eyes.

I’ll slowly add more content and try to keep a tour journal happening. I spend quite a lot of time on the road with Caravana Sun which is really the experience I read of my heroes of driving town to town playing shows to as many people as possible and developing a band sound by playing 4 nights or more a week. So far theres some exercises for improvisation/trumpet that I’ve developed for my own routine and a few transcriptions of my favourite trumpet solos that I’ve done over the years.

During 2013 I was involved in several recordings that I’m very excited about. The first is AYA by Caravana Sun. Also The Dilworths recorded a new album in May due out later in 2014 and December saw myself and Paul Derricott create Double D productions which alongside supporting The Dilworths and DerroDerro has been recording low-budget sessions with Dave Theak & Ben Hauptman. More news on those soon!

Here’s a little soundbite of a new solo track i recorded this week! Only trumpet, electronics, loops and voice.



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